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Statement of Purpose

Goodwin and Associates provide routine dental care to our patients, who have attended the practice within the last 3 years. Care is provided by a well-trained team of staff in a safe environment, training and improvements to our Practice is ongoing and where possible we aim to fulfill our patient’s needs. Where this is not possible they can be referred on to specialist services. We also provide emergency only treatment to up to 16 patients each week referred to us by Dental Direct.

The Practice is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission for the following activities:
Aims and Objectives
1. Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
To provide high quality person centred care and a range of services to the whole community, including consultations, X-Rays, restorative work, endodontics, treatment of periodontal disease, prostheses, cosmetic work.
We will treat all people with the upmost respect and dignity, supplying all the information they will need to make a sensible, informed decision after explaining in detail their diagnosis and particular attention to – treatment options, advice, risks and costs.
Keep patients well-informed, discuss treatment progress and costs at each stage and once consent given treatment will proceed. Where necessary refer to an appropriately qualified specialist, providing temporary treatment if necessary.
Provide a preventative service and establishing an individually-developed treatment plans for each patient to meet their dental care needs and aim for a high level of oral health.

2. Surgical procedures
We will provide detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is necessary following their diagnosis, with particular attention on – treatment options, advice, risks and costs.
To obtain valid consent for all surgical procedures carried out at the practice, with patient progress monitored for complex surgical, post-procedure. Following clinical protocol to ensure full recovery and minimise risks.

3. Diagnostic and screening procedures
To arrange and agree appointments and review appointments within an appropriate personal timeframe with patients,
To undergo a complete and detailed examination of the patient’s oral health with help from relevant diagnostic equipment, taking into account relevant medical history.
To inform patients of the results of such diagnostic and screening procedures with a view to discussing possible treatment options.

Registered service provider:             Deborah Goodwin
Practice Principal:                             Deborah Goodwin
Registered Manager:                        Deborah Goodwin
Registered Address:                         57 Kirkgate, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9PH
Telephone:                                        01900 823467
Email:                                                [email protected]
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